Bespoke mounting systems for your exact requirements.

The perfect partner for every photovoltaic installation

We don’t believe in making decisions in an office. Innovation comes from meeting our customers and understanding their needs. BayWa r.e. brings you the most efficient mounting system on the market, straight from the roof. 

We’ve worked with our customers to develop novotegra, a mounting system that enables quick and simple installation, wherever you’re working.


We developed the first novotegra prototype in 2006 in a forge in Stuttgart. 13 years later, we continue to offer a unique and market-leading solution.

Martin Schäfer, Inventor and Product Manager for novotegra

novotegra - the Benefits

AdaptableSuitable for any roof type, including flat, sloped and façade roofs and available in bespoke configurations.
RobustAll packages come with sturdy hooks to fix the mounting system to the roof, available in one piece or with three adjustable settings.
DurableHighly durable, weather and corrosion-resistant materials – including stainless steel and aluminium.
Safe and secureUse our free Solar-Planit tool to design your photovoltaic system and run Eurocode calculations.
Tested and certifiedCertified for use by all major regulatory bodies, including TÜV Rheinland, CE mark and general building associations.
Performance guaranteedAll novotegra systems come with a comprehensive 10-year product guarantee.

Mounting system expertise in a global market

For over 10 years, we have been producing photovoltaic mounting systems. Our expertise and know-how have allowed us to grow to become a global leader in this market. 

Every element of our novotegra mounting system is designed, developed and manufactured in-house. We are constantly evolving and designing new systems to meet the demands of the photovoltaic industry. 

All products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard, with rigorous testing and calibration procedures for every kit. With our international experience, we ensure that novotegra meets the demands of all relevant country-specific regulations. 

Learn from the experts – use our free installation service and we’ll share our knowledge, tips and tricks for the perfect installation. 

Certified and approved

TÜV Rheinland certification

novotegra carries the TÜV Rheinland quality mark. This rigorous certification process includes all of the building regulations and technical standards a mounting system must meet in order to achieve the highest quality.  All of our mounting systems follow the same manufacturing and testing procedures, ensuring that we create the same high quality for every system, every time. 

But our high standards don’t stop there… 

Our sales and support services also perform very well in audits, demonstrating that customer service is at the heart of our business. 

General building approvals

To meet general building approvals, we work with an independent inspector to check our calculations for all system components and ensure that we work through all of the relevant approval stages correctly.

We have received general building approval from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Structural Engineering):

Z-14.4-716Connections for photovoltaic mounting systems
Z-14.4-723Rail connectors and base profile
Z-14.4-735Module attachments, module supports, cross rail connectors
Z-14.4-741Roof hooks, stock screws, attachments to the rail base

Solar-Planit – the free photovoltaic planning tool

Entire photovoltaic systems can be planned easily with the free, web-based Solar-Planit tool from BayWa r.e.

Solar-Planit is simple to use, but it covers everything you could think of when planning an installation, from the connections to the battery storage and all accessories.

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